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Software Quality Assurance Engineer

1 Position


King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (Bangmod Campus) and Work from Home


As a Software Quality Assurance Engineer, you actively contribute to web application development within our Scrum team. Engaging in agile software quality assurance processes, collaborating closely with developers, designers, and product owners to uphold impeccable software quality. Designing detailed test scenarios, test cases, and test scripts early in the project lifecycle, and implementing automated test scripts for an efficient CI/CD process.


  • Collaborate within the Scrum team to contribute to the development of web applications

  • Engage in the agile software quality assurance process, and work closely with developers, designers, and product owners to uphold software quality and prevent defects

  • Actively contribute during refinement and drive conversation to gather information about products and identify missing requirements

  • Design meticulous test scenarios, test cases, and test scripts for web applications based on project details and design, as early as possible

  • Implement and maintain automated test scripts to facilitate the CI/CD process

  • Report, validate, and reproduce problems encountered in web applications using both manual and automated testing methods

  • Provide support to the team in investigating and addressing user-reported issues, suggesting workarounds, and then escalating them to developers for resolution


  • Demonstrated ETS keystone behaviors

  • Demonstrate an agile mindset and a commitment to continuous growth

  • Possess a minimum of 1 year of experience in Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing, or a related role

  • Experience in agile quality assurance engineering, automated testing (Robot Framework), CI/CD, DevOps, and SQL is a plus.

  • Exhibit strong attention to detail, coupled with high responsibility and well-developed systematic, logical, and problem-solving skills

  • Display a fast-learning and self-motivated attitude

  • Work effectively as a team player with excellent communication skills

  • Adapt and a willing to learn new technologies and languages

  • Ability to adhere to agreed-upon development standards and processes

  • Stay current with emerging trends and advancements in agile quality assurance

Perks and Benefits

  • Hybrid Working: Embrace flexibility with a hybrid work model

  • Flexible Hours: Tailor your schedule with your team for a balanced lifestyle

  • Challenging Environment: Thrive in an environment that fuels continuous growth

  • Open Communication: Engage in transparent and collaborative culture

  • Job Rotation Benefits: Expand your skills through diverse opportunities

  • Training and Development: Access resources for professional growth

  • Relax Zone/Kitchen: Unwind in comfortable break spaces

  • Annual Health Checkup: Prioritize well-being with regular checkups

  • Insurance Coverage: Stay protected with accident and health insurance

  • Team Party and Annual Trip: Celebrate successes and build camaraderie

  • KMUTT Facilities: Access the clinic, gym, library, and car parking

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